Teaching resources

Working with industry and the NCE-MSTL, the STEPS team has developed a series of maths worksheets, useful for lesson planning around key mathematical concepts.

The worksheets are downloadable 4-page PDFs that contain examples of real-world maths, along with suggested questions and challenges for use in class.

In this section, you can explore:

  • 10 maths worksheets aimed at teachers
  • a guide to using the maths worksheet in the classroom
  • a video with tips for using the worksheets in the classroom

Junior Cycle teachers, why not encourage your students to enter our Monthly Maths Challenge?

It's a chance for Junior Cycle students to win prizes while testing their problem-solving skills. Each month, we publish a maths problem, and students who submit the correct answer will be entered into a draw to win a EUR100 gift voucher.

Get details of the Monthly Maths Challenge