Terms and Conditions

1.  The competition is open to Junior Cycle students (first, second and third year students)

2.  Please submit one entry per student. Group entries will not be accepted.

3.  On entering the competition students will be asked to submit the following information.
  i.   Your name;
  ii.  Your age;
  iii. The name of your School, Class and year group
  iv.  Name of your Maths Teacher;
  v.  Answer to the question and an explanation on how the answer was found. 
4.  The questions will be designed and set by the Project Maths Development Team. 
5.  The competition will run monthly, with the closing date for answers clearly stated. No answers will be accepted after the closing date. 
6.  The winner will be the student who has correctly answered/solved the problem posted for a particular month.
7.  In the event of more than one successful entry, the winner will be selected at random by an independent adjudicator. 
8.  The school of the winning student will be notified and his/her details confirmed. 
9.  Students may be asked to explain/justify their answer to the competition questions before final prize is awarded.
10.  The decision of the Project Maths Development Team and/or STEPS is final.
11.  The winning student agrees to have their image/photograph posted onto the STEPS website []and the Project Maths website []
12.  By entering this competition students agreed to abide and be bound by the completion rules listed above.
13.  The Project Maths Development Team or STEPS reserves the right to amend these rules where necessary.