Engineering Your Future 2017 at DIT


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Name of institute Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)
Location DIT Bolton Street and Kevin Street
Length of EYF programme 5 days
Date of programme 8th - 12th May 2017
Closing date for applications 10th March 2017
About the programme at DIT
Engineering your Future at DIT is a week-long, hands-on event designed to introduce TY students to the diverse, exciting and rewarding career opportunities offered by engineering.

You’ll get to build bridges; design, build and programme your own robot car; and compete individually and in groups to win some cool prizes.
Students who previously attended EYF at DIT said: Over 95% of surveyed students at EYF in DIT said they would recommend the programme to a friend.

Participants said:

“I hope to study engineering in a few years and the week in DIT confirmed this for me as I think that engineering is so diverse, innovative and interesting.”

“The whole week was great but I especially enjoyed the electronic part of making the robot car.”

And one participant’s mother wrote:
“He couldn't get out the door quickly enough every morning that week and I think the course convinced him to follow his heart towards engineering as a future college course.”
Cost to attend: EUR65 (NOTE: Fee is waived for applicants from DEIS schools.)
Application criteria You must have an interest in maths and science subjects.
Students must have taken Higher Level maths for the Junior Cert and have studied at least one science subject to date.

Successful applicants will be chosen through a combination of factors, including Junior Cert results and reasons for wanting to participate in the programme.

We want to encourage gender balance and will aim for a 50% take-up of girls and boys.
Other information Students must cover their own travel expenses to and from college.

Students must commit to attending every day of the programme.

Lunch will be provided each day.
Terms and conditions Read full Terms and Conditions here