Protecting volunteers

Engineers Ireland‘s STEPS programme recognises that our volunteers have committed their time and energy to develop students’ career awareness and scientific literacy. To facilitate volunteers in doing this work, below are some measures to ensure that volunteers are supported and protected. 

Child Protection Policy 

STEPS has a child protection policy
It’s important that all volunteers take the time to review this in advance of volunteering. 


Engineers Ireland is fully covered by public liability insurance to cover all volunteers volunteering on behalf of STEPS. This cover applies to the place or premises where STEPS activity is carried out. It does not extend to motor insurance or to travel to and from voluntary activity.

Health and Safety

STEPS will take care to ensure the safety of all volunteers as far as is reasonably practicable. It is also the responsibility of volunteers to ensure their own health and safety when dealing with members of the public or school students and to act safely and responsibly. Volunteers should immediately contact the STEPS team to report any accidents or injuries that occur while volunteering. 


Volunteers may have access to confidential information regarding STEPS, schools registered with STEPS and its service users. This information must not be disclosed to third parties during or after volunteering for STEPS.

Data Protection

Volunteer data is held on the secure SmartSTEPS database, which is accessed by the STEPS team at Engineers Ireland and by SFI Discover (Smart Futures team).
Volunteer data is used to manage, administer and evaluate volunteer-related activities such as school visits, career events, training, career profiles and for contacting volunteers directly. Volunteer data will only be used in relation to Engineers Ireland’s STEPS programme activity, including Smart Futures, and for no other purpose.
The STEPS team will send out information regarding STEPS and Smart Futures events and other information through various email and phone campaigns. If volunteers do not wish to receive this information they may contact the STEPS team and ask to be removed from the distribution list. 
Requests regarding this data protection are welcomed and should be addressed to Engineers Ireland STEPS programme (including Smart Futures), 22 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 or steps@engineersireland.ie

Speaking to the Media

Before speaking to the media on behalf of STEPS or Smart Futures, volunteers must obtain permission from their main contact in STEPS.


Unfortunately, we are not in a position to pay expenses.