Garda vetting

The Engineers Ireland’s STEPS Programme is pleased to confirm the implementation of eVetting as we promote best practice in the recruitment and selection of persons to work and volunteer with children. EVetting is but one part of the overall recommended STEPS recruitment and selection procedures for those who work on behalf of Engineers Ireland with children.

Engineers Ireland's STEPS Programme and Vetting

EVetting is the process by which a online eVetting form is submitted to the National Vetting Buereau asking them to check if a person has any convictions and/or prosecutions, successful or not, pending or completed, recorded against their name.
Vetting applications will only be accepted from organisations that have been recognised by the National Vetting Bureau to fulfil such functions. STEPS will liaise with Dublin City Volunteer Centre who will act as the Liasion Person on its behalf. 

Garda Vetting Officer

Roseanne O'Leary is the Engineers Ireland's STEPs Programme designated Garda Vetting Officer.

* * * Garda Vetting FAQs * * *

Who requires Garda Vetting?

Any member of staff or volunteer who may have unsupervised access to children must undergo Garda Vetting as part of their recruitment process. The STEPS team require all volunteers volunteering on behalf of STEPS more than eight times per annum to undergo Garda Vetting. The Engineers Ireland STEPS Programme reserve the right to vet volunteers at any time during the course of their involvement with STEPS.

I'm a volunteer who visits schools and attends career events . Do I require Garda Vetting?

Volunteers visiting schools, attending career events to talk to students such as Higher Options and BT Young Scientist will not need to be vetted as the legislation does not apply to persons who assist occasionally and on a voluntary basis. Very occasional interaction with schools should not necessitate the need for Garda vetting. However, if you are volunteering with the STEPS programme more than eight times per annum, you will need to undergo vetting.

How do I apply for Garda Vetting?  

An applicant due for assessment, i.e. volunteers in schools more than eight times per annum etc. will receive a vetting Invitation Form from the STEPS team Designated Vetting Officer. This form must be completed in full by the applicant and forwarded directly to the Designated Vetting Officer along with certified copies of their ID totalling 100 points using the Engineers Ireland STEPS Programme 100 point identifier check. This is a legal requirement. Dublin City Volunteer Centre will then contact you with an eVetting invitation and issue an electronic invitation to complete the onliune eVetting form. 

Who will deal with my application?  
Your information will be dealt with by the Designated Vetting Officer in STEPS and by Dublin City Volunteer Centre. 

Further Details

For further information please see our Garda Vetting Policy.

Any queries can be made by contacting Roseanne O'Leary, the Designated Vetting Officer on 01 6651301 or at  roleary@engineersireland.ie