Volunteer induction training

Welcome to the Engineers Ireland's STEPS programme.

We really appreciate your services and we commit to making your volunteer experience a rewarding one. You must complete an induction as part of your initial training. Please complete A) Moodle STEPS Induction or alternatively B) STEPS to Induction below.  

A) Moodle - STEPS Induction


The STEPS team are delighted to announce the launch of our online training. New volunteers who join the programme will be invited to learn more about STEPS, our goals, and the resources available to volunteers through an online Moodle course.

Current volunteers are also invited to complete the Moodle, as a refresher course. The training can be accessed here with the guest password SmartSTEPS.

 B) STEPS to Induction

  1. Organisational information
  2. Role description
  3. Child protection
  4. Volunteer training
  5. Volunteer support

1. Organisation Information

Read more about STEPS

Meet the STEPS team

2.Role description

Your role description provides you with an outline of what is involved with your role and the amount of time involved.

Contact person

Each volunteer has a designated member of staff who will be their main contact to guide and advise them in their role. 


3. Child protection 

It’s important that you review our child protection page and  take the time to read the Volunteer Code of Conduct and the Child Protection Policy statement in advance of volunteering as part of your induction to STEPS.

4. Volunteer training

You are encouraged to complete or attend regular training to develop your skills while involved with STEPS. All volunteers should attend one training, networking and support session each year. 

5. Volunteer support

STEPS is committed to supporting and developing volunteers. Volunteers are supported in different ways:
  • Buddy system  A buddy system is available. New volunteers can buddy with an existing volunteer in their local area to support each other. Please get in touch with us to request this.

  • Volunteer Newsletter You will receive a regular eNewsletter every two months which will provide you with up-to-date news and information on upcoming volunteer opportunities and news from the STEPS and Smart Futures programmes. Other regular email communication will also be sent to volunteers when deemed necessary.

  • Volunteer Feedback STEPS regularly asks for your feedback via online surveys, phone surveys, observations and focus groups. 

  • Protecting volunteers Read more about the measures we have in place to ensure each volunteer feels supported and protected. 

  • SmartSTEPS is the CRM system which STEPS uses for managing volunteer activity.You will have your own unique login and volunteer page on the SmartSTEPS system.You can view and select volunteering opportunities, record your CPD and chat with other STEPS volunteers through the SmartSTEPS system.

Login to SmartSTEPS  now to volunteer and record your CPD