Engineering overview & careers

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What is an engineer?

An engineer is a professional with a broad scientific knowledge who applies this knowledge in a practical, creative and innovative way in business. Engineers are experts in technology. They design and produce solutions to society’s demands.

The work of an engineer

Engineering offers a host of exciting opportunities for young graduates. Engineering is about dynamic, people orientated working environments, get up and go attitudes, organizational skills, travel and the ability to communicate effectively.

Engineers shape the future of the world

Engineers impact on every aspect of society and have enabled us to embrace new technologies and developments at an ever increasing speed.
In the future engineers will create newer, faster and safer ways to travel, and develop cleaner, cheaper and renewable sources of energy.

These are just some of the problems that the engineers of the future will have to solve:

  •     Environmental pollution
  •     Global warming
  •     Healthcare improvements
  •     Renewable energy
  •     Water treatment
  •     Flood prevention

Engineers are creative

Design is a core activity within the field of engineering. Engineering is the power behind innovation and new product developments.

Engineers are responsible for creating and improving technologies that benefit society. Engineers create and improve technologies that are used in sectors such as -

  •     Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
  •     Biomedical
  •     Entertainment
  •     Civil / Structural
  •     Pharmaceuticals
  •     Renewables
  •     Energy
  •     Defence
  •     Manufacturing

Engineers create wealth

The engineer has the skills and experience to help convert information into knowledge, which in turn creates wealth for clients and employers

Engineers are managers

Engineers make very good managers. In the early part of their professional careers engineers take responsibility for individual projects and learn the basics of good project management. As they progress they take on larger projects and assume responsibility for budgets.
The Engineering Council (UK) reports that an engineer is seven times more likely to become a chief executive than other professions.

Engineers are entrepreneurs

An increasing number of engineers set up their own companies after gaining experience as professional engineers. Engineering provides the opportunity to identify new products and processes that have potential for commercilisation.

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