With the global population rapidly growing resulting in an ever-increasing demand for food and new energy resources there is a significant demand for biosystems, agriculture and food engineers. The biosystems, agriculture and food engineering team have an extremely rewarding and challenging career delivering drink, foodstuffs and biomaterials to meet these demands within extreme environmental and resource limitations. The team is focused on every aspect of the food chain from environmental protection to food production to distribution, applying technology to turn raw materials into everyday foodstuffs such as pasta, pizza and ice cream.

What do Biosystems, Agriculture and Food Engineers do?

Biosystems, agriculture and food engineering graduates work at the forefront of advancing technology, developing and designing new methods and machinery to solve problems facing our global ecosystem. They combine the principles of engineering and biology to create and design systems that will deliver high quality, economical and safe food to consumers. Their work ranges from developing responsible, environmentally friendly uses for food production by-products and for water, air and soil quality protection to the design of improved methods and equipment to process, handle, package and store food produce.

As a biosystems, agriculture and food engineering graduate you can work for

  • Food and drink industries
  • agriculture equipment manufacturers
  • environmental protection organisations
  • government bodies
  • consulting engineering firms
  • Third world development organisations

Employers of biosystems, agriculture and food engineering graduates include

  • Coca Cola
  • Dawn Meats
  • Glanbia
  • Diageo
  • Kerry Group
  • Local Authorities