Civil engineering is all about improving and protecting the world we inhabit. It involves the planning, design and construction of facilities that we require for everyday living, industry and transport. It offers a challenging and wide-ranging career which can include the development of airports, offshore oil platforms, bridges, roads, railways, waste collection and treatment systems, and water supply systems. Civil engineering also aims to solve environmental issues such as air pollution, coastal protection and waste treatment.

What do Civil Engineers do?

Civil engineers design, construct and maintain the infrastructure and facilities that are essential to society. Their work includes complex problem solving on projects which are influenced by a mixture of technical, economic, social and environmental factors.

  • Structural
  • Transport
  • Environmental
  • Water
  • Construction
  • Geotechnical

Civil engineering graduates could work in -

As a civil engineer, technologist or technician, you will have a creative, diverse and challenging career and will be making a real contribution to the needs of both modern and developing societies all over the world.

Employers of civil engineering graduates include -

  • ARUP
  • PM
  • OPW
  • Irish Rail
  • Government bodies
  • Local Authorities
  • Irish Defence Forces