Computer & Software

Computer & software engineering is the inventive and creative application of engineering expertise to the design and development of hardware and software computer systems. These systems play a major role in every aspect of our lives from entertainment and communications to healthcare and transport. Mobile phones, MP3 players and computerised cars are all developments which were realised by the ingenuity of computer & software engineers.

What do Computer & Software Engineers do?

Computer & software engineering is a rapidly advancing sector, responding to the ever-increasing demand from society for new and advanced technology. Computer & software engineers combine the principles of computer design techniques, communications engineering and mathematical analysis to solve the challenges of designing and developing state of the art computer hardware, software and information systems. The consistent revolution in this sector results in an exciting and interesting career, which contributes to all avenues of life from traffic lights to heart monitors to computer games. It offers a wide choice of career paths allowing graduates to specialise in a whole range of areas including

As part of the computer & software engineering team you can work for -

  • Industry
  • Civil Service and Government
  • Product Design and Development
  • Consultancy
  • Research and educational centres

Employers of computer & software engineering graduates include -

  • Apple
  • Boston Scientific
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • Havok
  • Facebook