Volunteer profile - Tarek  AbouKhadra

How and why did you get involved with STEPS?

I like volunteering activities and I’m involved with different organizations in Dublin like CWIT, I joined STEPS through Ericsson volunteering Team.

What type of volunteering have you done with the STEPS programme?

A school visit to a primary school. 

Did the students participate and interact? 
It was great experience, I spent five minutes with the teacher and then I started the presentation by introducing myself, the student were very active and really nice, they had lot of ideas most of them in robotics, I think they are inspired by Star Wars.

What is the best part of volunteering with STEPS so far?

It makes you feel you achieved something by delivery and simplifying your engineering ideas to the youth.

What advice/encouragement would you give to someone who's thinking of volunteering?  

Go for it.!