Volunteer profile: Gerry Clancy


This morning I returned to St Declans College after 32years and as I entered the College through the gates it brought back so many memories of my days there. The layout of the College had changed from what I remember and considerable investment in the facilities was evident from the outset. I was there to meet with and deliver a talk under the SMART Futures STEM initiative http://www.smartfutures.ie/. The core message being to encourage the young students to look to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. 
There were 120 students (16-17 years) and 6 teachers, and I quickly identified the comedians amounts the group, but for the most part there were all exceptionally well behaved and very attentive as I spent almost 35mins answering questions. I outlined the programme and its aims and objectives (http://www.smartfutures.ie/what-stem) and then brought them through my career from leaving St Declans in 1985 through to my work in the Hub within Zurich. I outlined the engineering areas I covered and the many companies and technologies I worked with. Also being a qualified Sound Engineer I discussed the work I had done in the music industry and the many Pop icons I had seen in Windmill Lane and what I did while I was there. This raised a lot of questions, I also discussed the application of engineering and acoustics in Architecture, Acoustic Fluid Dynamics in Plain design, Sound and Medicine and Archeological acoustics in ancient tombs.   
So from Project Management to sound engineering to electronics, we covered a lot of subject matter. I spent time discussing the subjects and how they relate to the real world and how they support your career development. The questions varied from genuine interest to incredibly funny, and while discussing music, one of the students told me how he had the voice of an Angel when singing in his bathroom... ! 
I think this is a great initiative and it is great that Zurich supports this, I would recommend it any member of staff as it is very rewarding and also lets you feel like you gave something back and if it even helps only one student to identify where they want to go. Well then it is a success.