Kathy & Sarah 

 Visit to St. Pauls Special School, Beaumont Woods, Dublin 9 1st March 2016 by Sarah Horgan and Kathy O’Leary BAM Ireland.
Sarah and Kathy visited St. Pauls Special School in Beaumont on the 1st March 2016. Pupils from a number of classes attended. They talked about their careers as engineers and how much fun it was to be an engineer - you never get bored! Sarah showed them some great footage of travelling down the Corrib Tunnel which was taken by a camera placed on an operative’s helmet and a video on how BAM Ireland are using BIM to model how they are going to build an office block in Dawson Street. The pupils were great at spotting the different ways engineers are involved in designing and building everyday things they see and use in their houses, at school and at the beach. Afterwards, the pupils created some fantastic structures from Lego.


Sarah and Kathy telling about their lives as engineers.

Listening attentively to the presentation