Young Engineers Award

Applications are now closed.

Register your interest for STEPS Young Engineers Award in 2020 HERE. We will contact you with information on the award and upcoming training sessions for volunteers.

Say YEA to Engineering with STEPS!

The Young Engineers Award is open to all 3rd and 4th class students in the Republic of Ireland.

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  3. What do I do now?
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Engineers Ireland is looking to find talented Young Engineers across the country through it's flagship competition: the STEPS Young Engineers Award. 

The STEPS Young Engineers Award was launched in 2018, and is aimed at 3rd and 4th class primary school students in the Republic of Ireland. 

Students taking part identify a project they would like to do that would improve their community. They use the structured worksheets provided in the STEPS Project Book to tackle the project like a real engineering team. 

The competition runs in partnership with the STEPS Volunter Engineer Programme - teachers can sign up online to register for a visit from a STEPS Volunteer Engineer. Read more about Volunteer Engineer Visits here

What do I do now?

  1. Apply online - fill in a short form
  2. Download the Project Book and teacher resources
  3. Join our interactive Webinars live from Engineers Ireland (optional).
  4. Complete 5 short lesson plans with your class
  5. Welcome a STEPS volunteer or invite a guest engineer (optional).
  6. Submit your Project Books by the deadline.
See the STEPS Recommended Timeline

Let your Young Engineers lead their own Engineering Project!

Students are split into Engineering Teams of 4-6 to work on their projects. They use the Project Book (a booklet of worksheets) to carry out the project in 5 steps - which mirror a real engineering project. 

There are five steps to complete
  1. THINK - Find examples of engineering around you
  2. DRAW - Draw the design
  3. BUILD - Make the prototype
  4. SHOWCASE - Showcase the project to a STEPS Volunteer or guest
  5. EVALUATE - How did it go?
Teachers should download the Project Book, Lesson Plans supports and resources for the competition hereEach step should take approx. 45mins to complete. See the Timeline for important dates

There is a Teachers Webinar taking place in September and two Live Engineer-led Student Webinars in November to support you and your class through the competition. 

The project is fully alligned with the Science Curriculum for 3rd and 4th class, and there are lots of options to add on homework or further thinking - as well as integration with other subjects.

We think the STEPS Young Engineers Award is a fantastic competition and a great exprience for all young students.

Fantastic Prizes

All prizes are kindly provided by Bentley Advanced Systems.

The winners will be announced during Engineers Week 2020 29th February - 6th March. 

The overall winning project will receive a custom designed trophy for the school. The students will be presented with an amazing PhotonRobot each! 

The Photonrobot is the latest in fun and technology, and provides learning, entertainment and enjoyment for children. In fact they even develop with the child. Each robot is worth over 
200. You can read more about them here.

There will be lots of other prizes for outstanding projects, as well as certificates for each Young Engineer who participates. 
Highly Commended projects will receive a plaque for their school.
Last year's winning team

The Carrots designed the SolaChip to charge your mobile phone using the sun's energy. 

Front Page Irish Examiner: STEPS YEA 2018 Winners - Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh. Trophy presented by the Engineers Ireland Engineers Week Ambassador

Applications are now closed.


Register your interest for STEPS Young Engineers Award in 2020 HERE. We will contact you with information on the award and upcoming training sessions for volunteers.
Download the step-by-step guide here.

Interactive Webinars live from Engineers Ireland.

There will be three live Webinars broadcast from Engineers Ireland during the STEPS Young Engineers Award. 

All student webinars take place at 11am. The Teachers Webinar takes place at 12.30pm

The Teachers Webinar took place on 17th September at 12.30pm. If you wish to request a recording of the Webinar please email It is a twenty minute Webinar on the STEPS Young Engineers Award, including explaining engineering to children and what makes a stand out project.

There will also be two Live Interactive Webinars for the students in November as they are working on their projects. These will be hosted by STEPS Engineers and will include Top Tips, as well as a question and answer session.

Showcase your Projects 

We recommend that each team taking part in the competition showcases their project to a Guest Engineer, STEPS Volunteer Engineer or an invited guest.

It is very good experience for Young Engineers to present their projects - it encourages them to develop important soft skills such as team work, communication and confidence.

Read more on STEPS Volunteer Engineer visits here and how to sign up. 

There are lots of teachers resources to support and guide you through the STEPS Young Engineers Award. 

See the Resources Page for all the available downloads.