Young Engineers Award

Teachers Resources and FAQ's


Download our pdf HOW-TO Guide for teachers here.

We have lots of resources to help teachers and students enjoy doing the STEPS Young Engineers Award.


Registration is now open for the competition and to apply for a STEPS Volunteer Engineer to visit your school while your class work on the project.  

The application takes about 5 minutes - so please be patient. There are step-by-step instructions,with screen shots, available here to help you.

If you are having any trouble at all, please do not hesitiate to contact STEPS at 


We have a lovely, newly designed Project Book for the students, as well as fun quizzes to get them into the engineering spirit! Scroll down to download.

For students:
  • Project Book
  • Personality Quiz
  • Congratulations! You're an Engineer Quiz


For teachers we have curriculum aligned lesson plans for each step of the project, with scripting and helpful suggestions. We also have a more comprehensive Teachers Guide (available soon), which has more details and extra activities for teachers who want more!. All teachers resources are completely optional - so Don't Worry! They are there to help - but only if you want to use them. Scroll down to download.

For Teachers:
  • HOW TO Guide for Teachers
  • Lesson plans
  • Teachers Quiz Guide
  • Teachers Guide (Reference Document)

Project Book

To enter the competition each team will need to complete a Project Book. This is a specially designed booklet, which guides the Young Engineers through their project. They will follow the steps of a real engineering project and will have lots of fun on the way.

Download the Project Book here.


Teacher's Lesson Plans

To assist teachers we have designed suggested lesson plans. There are 5 of these - corresponding to each of the five steps below. They are there to help you. You are absolutely free to guide your students through the Project Book in any way you see fit.

Download your lesson plans by clicking on the steps below:

step-1.png step-4-(1).png
step2-(2).png step-5.png
step-3.png step-6.png

Fun Quizzes

We have designed some interactive worksheets to introduce the students to engineering in a fun way and to debrief after the project is complete. These are a fantastic way to warm up before the project and to cool down after.

We would love to see how the students felt about engineering before they start and then to compare this with their attitude to engineering after.
So, don't forget to send your students quizzes with your competition entries!

Download the quizzes by clicking on the links below:

Personal-q.png                Congrats.png


Teachers Guide

Coming Soon!

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