School Visits

SAY YEA to STEPS School Visits!

Take part in the STEPS Young Engineers Award and request a visit from a STEPS Volunteer Engineer

The STEPS Volunter Engineer Programme runs in partnership with the STEPS Young Engineers Award. If you would like to request a visit from a STEPS Volunteer while you are working on your projects you can do so through the online application.

Showcase your Projects 

We recommend that each team taking part in the competition showcases their project to a Guest Engineer, STEPS Volunteer Engineer or an invited guest.

It is very good experience for Young Engineers to present their projects - it encourages them to develop important soft skills such as team work, communication and confidence.

If you are taking part in the DPSM Awards - the STEPS Young Engineers Award School Visit is a great place to complete the Showcase Module.


STEPS Volunteer Engineers

The STEPS Young Engieers Award runs in partnership with the STEPS Volunter Engineer Programme. If you would like to request a visit from a STEPS Volunteer while you are working on your projects you can do so through the online application.

Please bear in mind we cannot guarantee a STEPS Volunteer Engnieer visit - as it is, by nature, voluntary. We do our best to match volunteers with schools throughout the country. However, there are lots of options if you are not offered a visit.

What if I don't get offered a STEPS School Visit? Read more here.

School visits take place November (25th-29th)

If you are offered a STEPS Volunteer Engineer School Visit you will be introduced to the Engineer in the last week of October. You can arrange a suitable time with them for the visit to take place during the last week of November. The visit lasts approx. 1-2 hrs.

Teachers will receive guidance from STEPS on what to expect in advance of the visit, as well as what the Volunteer engineer will expect from their visit. This may include, for example, to have basic class room resources ready for an activity (i.e. scissors/glue/paper etc.) or to have access to show a PowerPoint presentation.

Classes hosting a STEPS Volunteer Engineer are expected to have their (short) presentations on their projects ready for the visit.     


An Important note on Child Protection

For Child Protection purposes the teacher MUST be in the room at all times - if the teacher leaves the STEPS Volunteer Engineer will leave also. Child protection is paramount at STEPS. The STEPS Volunteer Engineer must be at all times supported by the teacher.

STEPS has been awarded the 'Investing in Volunteers' certification - this is the gold standard for Volunteer Programes in the UK and Ireland. 

The certification was re-accredited in 2019. STEPS is the only engineer-focused volunteering organisation to achieve this standard in Ireland.

What happens if I'm not offered a STEPS Volunteer Engineer?

Don't worry! There is no requirement to host an Engineer to take part in the competition and there are many alternative options to showcase your class' projects.

Here are a few suggestions:
  • Contact a local engineering company or your local county council and ask them to visit your class
  • Perhaps a parent in the school is an engineer - you could invite them in for the showcase and to talk to the class about engineering
  • Organise the class to showcase their projects to the school or some classes in the school
  • Organise a parents afternoon or evening - you could even present certificates to the class winner
  • Invite a guest (a non-engineer) to 'judge' the competition and listen to the presentations
  • Invite another teacher in the school to the class for the showcase

Don't forget! STEPS broadcasts Live Interactive Webinars from the Engineers Ireland Theatre. STEPS Volunteer Engineers introduce engineering to the audience and talk about their expereince as an engineer, as well as give Top Tips to the Young Engineers for their projects. To finish they will answer students' questions Live on Air!